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After four years, finally I could see Renpoche again, and took teachings from renpoche this time.

 It's really a long time.  Having Renpoche's blessng once more is to remind me practicing Buddhist much harder.

On this trip of holy land, I've learned to return myself  back to the "0" base, then, kept on appreciating,cherishing and praising everything around me.I think I've made some good friends and brothers(sisters)  already.

Going back monastery again after four years, those lamas still rember me. It made me haappy and touching, I felt I never left that place so long.

This time, indeed, filling with Joyness, and I made more borthers of lama..really thanks to lama's care.  



Before coimg back night, I had much fun and a good time with brother Dorjee.  He took his tibetan suits to me, and have me dress that, then he tought a lot of Tibetan man's cool gesture to me, haha.. but this pic has no his  tibetan style, I was in a daze that time....(Doejee is not a lama,  he is a tibetan people teaching lamas  english  in monasetry,actully, there are 5 lamas in his big family, he is a nice and passionate young man...)



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  • 前些日子也去了西藏一趟,感觸很深。十分的佩服藏民們的虔誠,不管風雨的匍匐前進。這一切都只是為了自己心中的那份信仰,令人動容。